Spanomep Syrup

Spanomep Syrup



Composition :

Each 5ml contains :

Active ingredients:

Dried ivy leaf extract (5-7.5:1)……. 35mg

Standardized as N.L.T 11%Hederacoside C

Actions of Ivy Leaf

The German Commission E approved Hedera leaves for the treatment of catarrahs of the respiratory tract and symptoms of chronic inflammatory bronchial conditions such as bronchitis , asthma, bronchiectasis, emphysema and pneumonia .


Research has shown that alpha-Hederin (one of the Ivy leaf saponin components) activates specific receptors (β-adrenoreceptors) in the airways causing the muscle to relax and make breathing easier.

Secretolytic effect 

The alpha-Hederin in ivy leaf extract encourages the cells in the bronchial system to increase the production and secretion of surfactant.  This decreases the surface tension on the liquid film covering the cells that exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide in the lungs (pulmonary alveoli) allowing us to breathe freely.  The less-viscous secretion is then easier to expectorate and the irritable or unproductive cough is soothed.


Ivy leaf’s general anti-inflammatory actions may help reduce airway inflammation that can occur as a result of immune system activation when the respiratory tract is under attack by bacteria or viruses.  The anti-histamine effects could also make it a useful plant for those with breathing difficulties triggered by allergic reactions.


 Ivy leaf’s  extract :

Dilate bronchioles and relaxing airways it is an ideal herb to use for people with breathing difficulties.

Ivy can help wet and dry cough 

Soothe dry cough:

 Since it moisturises the airways, by increasing surfactant, it can help soothe a dry and irritated respiratory system   This often manifests as a persistent dry cough.


  The saponins liquefy mucous and make it less thick for easier removal, it can help someone who has over thick mucus that cannot be expectorated.

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