MEPACO-MEDIFOOD goal is to meet our customers Expectations


MEPACO-MEDIFOOD has developed formulas from standardized medicinal herbal extracts, becoming a leader in the production of herbal medicine. We have also introduced new lines of conservative medication & baby cereals to our product mix to be able to fulfill various customer needs. 

MEPACO-MEDIFOOD strives to meet international standards of pharmaceutical quality through application of GMP regulations at our manufacturing facilities, ISO accreditation and continuous upgrading of our production lines. 


As the global trend is to head back to nature, MEPACO-MEDIFOOD has  succeeded in developing export markets in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. We supply our products as finished products, in bulk or as raw material.

Our participation in international specialized exhibitions has been our portal for introducing our products to diverse pharmaceutical markets and has in turn made positive impact on our total company sales.


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