Our Business grow every year to reach our objectives.

Business Development


Business Development supports the company's vision of becoming the preferred natural based medicinal products company improving people lives.

We do this by acquiring and partnering new projects or products within all fields, which could potentially help us to reach a leading position in the Middle East.

 We have the desire and ability for contract manufacturing through OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) which we believe at Mepaco we have extra capacities in all oral dosage forms, we had finalized phase 1 of our facility renovation during 2012 including solid dosage forms, which produces:

Tablets and coating as film, sugar and enteric coated.

Hard gelatin capsules filled with powder, granules and pellets.

Effervescent powder in sachets.

Totally renovated during 2013, Syrup line with of high quality and capacity.

In addition to superior capacities of herbal extraction, and even new product formulations as we have a state of the art R&D facility.

Also we have huge capacities regarding water solvent at Mepaco with different pack sizes of 9 – 20 – 22 – 50 – 65 ml used for powder products reconstitution.

For Toll manufacturing with Mepaco, please send e-mail to:-

-        g-abdelkader@mepaco-pharma.net

-        a-nounou@mepaco-pharma.net


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