Prevent, Treat, Alleviate



Advanced production technology & GMP standard guidelines are the cornerstones at MEPACO-MEDIFOOD pharmaceuticals.


The company sustains the most sophisticated and advanced pharmaceutical equipment and methodologies in its product design, planning, manufacturing, inspection and packaging.


MEPACO-MEDIFOOD applies the bar-coding system in dispensing raw materials whereby the balances interface with the computer. Bar-code readers are also used during printing of batch information on the packaging material and during the automatic packing process to eliminate any possible errors


The company has departments for liquid dosage( syrups and products for external use) & Solid forms (tablets, coated tablets, hard gelatin capsules, effervescent granules and powders ) and a central packaging area . ventilation and environmental conditions in each department separately to avoid possibilities of cross contamination.


MEPACO-MEDIFOOD uniquely owns a huge plantation comprising a large group of medicinal plants, and its own factory for essences and extraction, which is equipped with a pressurized concentration unit to facilitate the extraction of active substances from their natural sources. 

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