Meeting the needs of patients and those who treat them is at the heart of everything we do.

Research and Develoment


MEPACO-MEDIFOOD has a strong research and development heritage. And we pride ourselves on the results that the dedicated and motivated people at MEPACO-MEDIFOOD achieve.


The creativity, knowledge and experience accumulated in the organisation together with our financial independence are pivotal to the strong commitment to research and development.


Improvement of capabilities in discovery, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing is done throught continous training of our staff.


MEPACO-MEDIFOOD logo has become synonymous with thorough research.   MEPACO-MEDIFOOD is totally independent of outside capital and considers long-term research far more important than short-term economic growth.


Over the years,   MEPACO-MEDIFOOD has come up with several innovative, effective and safe products, improving the health of many people and broadening the understanding of contemporary medicine.


The key values at   MEPACO-MEDIFOOD  are focus on results, innovation, commitment and business ethics - working at   MEPACO-MEDIFOOD means going to work every day knowing that we discover, develop, manufacture, market and sell innovative drugs that help people to a better quality of life.

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